A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

What is Spectrum?

Spectrum is a puzzle platformer that takes inspiration from games like Super Meat Boy and Thomas Was Alone. The game's unique mechanics mainly focus around light, where you use a Fog-of-War like method to explore the level and find the exit, or the Prism. The entire level is invisible, except for a ring of light around your character, and certain enemies/objectives, giving a unique sense of difficulty to the game. There are many different levels to solve, with each level consisting of multiple colored Prism Fragments to collect that equal your score.

You are always free to make as many monetized videos on YouTube of Spectrum as you want, as long as you give credit!

Be sure to check out my GameJolt page, where you can see updates and other info about Spectrum!

Install instructions

1: Download Spectrum to your Computer

2: Extract the .Zip to a folder somewhere, preferably your Desktop

3: Click the Spectrum.exe or the Spectrum App

4: ...

5: Profit!


SpectrumOSX.zip 25 MB
SpectrumWindows.zip 45 MB


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I Love the game! It is fun to play and the music makes it that much better.

I absolutely love the game! It is a fun and relaxing game to play when you are bored,or stressed.

P.S.--What program did you use to make this game?

I used Unity to develop it :D